A Jukebox I put together from spare and scavenged parts.

alt text


  • WR703N router (OpenWRT) + 8GB USB key
  • RPI Model B Rev 2.0 (running Raspbian)
  • piface control and display
  • x10 port USB hub
  • USB Soundcard (~$4 from DX.com)
  • USB bluetooth
  • 500 GB external disk

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This lets me listen to web streams and play MP3s locally. Also anything I’m currently listening to is available as a stream to clients on my LAN, thanks to icecast.

Here is a bad Draw.io image of the setup.

alt text

to do

Eventually I might:

  • Replace the speakers with a car amplifier and a pair of 6” x 9”s
  • Mount everything properly, make the display more visible
  • Make it portable