The OLinuXino range of single board computers are pretty nice.

OLinuXino is Open Source Software and Open Source Hardware Open Source Hardware, low cost Linux computer which could be manufactured in Industrial-40+85C and commercial 0-70C temperature grade.

And even better they are completely open source, this quote from their website:

..which means you have access to all the CAD files and sources and you can reuse them for your own personal or commercial projects

See the OLinuXino WikiPedia page for more information.


I have one of the A20-OLinuXino-LIME 1, Rev C, boards.

CPU: 1 GHz dual core.

RAM: 1 GB DDR3 RAM memory

Net: 100 Mbit/s native Ethernet

USB: 2 x USB High-speed (X2)

SATA: connector with 5 V SATA power jack

Onboard storage: NA

Running this version of Armbian:

Title:			Armbian 5.25 Lime Debian jessie default
Kernel:			Linux 3.4.113
Build date:		02.02.2017

Connecting by UART

For the grand total of 5.49, including postage, I got a USB to UART 5-pin Serial Converter from (this one, I think). This has been very useful.

alt text

On MacOS you need install this driver to get it working


brew install miniocom
minicom -D /dev/cu.SLAB_USBtoUART