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I love my old beat up IBM T30 Thinkpad. I’ve always found Thinkpads to be solidly constructed and to be well wearing machines (mine has taken some abuse like being dropped and having a pint of water land on the keyboard).

Here are the specs:

  • Pentium 4 1200Mhz
  • 256 MB Ram
  • 40GB HD
  • 14.1” screen - 1,024 × 768
  • 16 MB video memory
  • MiniPCI slot
  • 56K Modem, 100Mbit Ethernet, Com & LPT1 ports

I scored it cheaply as a refurbished ex lease, and had been running Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 LTS since it was released in April 2008.

Just the other day I decided to wipe Hardy off this laptop and give OpenBSD 4.7 a try. This laptop is secondary one which I only use for playing, sometimes its nice to learn a new OS on a dedicated machine.

Install process wasn’t so bad, my display drivers were automatically installed and building Gnome was fine. Have a usable OpenBSD desktop now, getting there was not as horrific as I had expected.